What is Hanutt?

Hanutt makes shopping fun! We are here to make the best experience when it comes to discover the products you love and buying online.

How does it work?

Our mission is to provide an easy, more personal experience for online shoppers: search and find in one click, and two-steps purchase.
Our engineers and data scientists leverage machine learning techniques and use cutting edge technology (Akka, NoSQL, Hadoop, and few other candies) to collect, analyze and rank different stores selling millions of products from all over the world. The core of our ranking algorithm is derived from physics theories and financial models that are in use to predict supply and demand in a close to real time horizon. Doing our best to keep the site as a reliable place to shop, it is important to know that information such as price, availability, and other details are not completely under our control as we get it from the merchants and aggregators.
Easy UX and personalized search creates a more valuable online shopping experience. This is achieved by gathering and presenting information through rich product photos, features, details, centralized customer service. If there is anything else we can do to make your shopping experience as secure as possible, please contact us
We work hard to achieve quality for our customers through offering a lightning speed customer service team and investing in highly automated system that filter out fraud and obsolete deals.

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We're in an Tel Aviv Skyscraper, enjoying sunny days, surrounded by beautiful views.

Our Location

Building 8 Floor 3, Kiryat Atidim, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel